Turner EPS have been suppliers, installers, and maintainers of emergency/standby diesel generators and UPS equipment for over 20 years.


Our tailor made maintenance solutions will ensure that your investment is kept in prime condition and ready to power up whenever it’s needed. Services include;

Engine Services

We provide a variety of engine maintenance services, ranging from Contract Maintenance, Engine Repair/Overhaul, 24 hr Service Cover, Engine Diagnostics, and Load Testing.

Power Generation

Enabling customers to concentrate on their core business Turner EPS provides tailor made solutions that ensure optimisation of power on and off-shore. Solutions include Genset hire, Genset Installations and Genset monitoring, fully supported by a team of skilled technicians and engineers.

Generator & UPS Maintenance

We have a range of maintenance plans and solutions to suit every customer requirement from simple repair through to 24 hours, 365 days a year service contracts, with guaranteed response times to site. Turner EPS can also provide the widest range of uninterruptible power supplies either as stand-alone units or integrated into an overall standby power solution. Our experience in standby power stretches from supplying the smallest desktop plug-and-play UPS to the largest commercial units and remote monitoring.

Nationwide coverage

Genuine parts

Control panel upgrades

Remote monitoring

24 hr emergency call out

Pre-planned and response maintenance

Load & performance testing

Diesel fuel sampling, testing and polishing

Fuel tank cleaning & conditioning

Generator hire

Standby & Emergency Service

Diagnostic Service

Lube Oil & Filter Change

Annual Safety Audit

Engine/Generator Sales

Your generator & UPS need

regular servicing

to keep them running smooth

Turner EPS provides a range of maintenance contracts, tailor made to suit the requirements of both the client and the industry it operates in. Our factory-trained service technicians will keep your system in peak condition under a maintenance contract so you don’t have to worry about it.

As part of our comprehensive range of pre-planned and reactive maintenance services, we provide fuel tank cleaning and conditioning for your standby and emergency generators. The success of your project heavily relies on the pure, clean diesel fuel that allows for efficient and reliable running; without it, the sensitive fuel systems in your generators will fault due to their ultra-fine tolerances and high fuel injection pressures.

Cleaning and conditioning your fuel tank is also important because of the large number of microbes that grow if left for too long which leads to the build-up of sludge and the separation of water to the tank bottom.

We can provide you with a FastClear solution which works instantly when blended with your generator fuel. By bonding with and absorbing the water into the fuel, it kills all the microbes, bacterial and fungal, which will also be prohibited from growing again. Our fuel tank cleaning process revives contaminated fuel, returning 99% of your fuel back to the tank with an excellent flow rate.

These microbes then degrade your fuel and waxes, resins and floating organisms will inhibit the proper operation of fuel pumps and injection valves, resulting in poor combustion and loss of valuable power.

Total Vendor Maintenance (TVM) contracts offer the end user a bespoke service and maintenance agreement, which is tailored to the exact needs of the customers. TVM allows you to select different levels of partnership, whether it is a fully managed agreement or a day-to-day business relationship.

During our maintenance calls, we:
  • Inspect & test batteries
  • Lube oil check & top-up
  • Engine peak condition test
  • Comprehensive Maintenance
  • Service parts inspection & replacement
  • Load bank testing
  • Comprehensive maintenance report


Maximizing Engine Performance

All engine manufacturers recommend regular testing under load to keep your engine performing well. We use our own load banks to test your diesel generator set at its rated load. This removes built-up carbon, prevents build-up of acids in the lube oil, and build-up of detrimental carbon particles in the exhaust valves and help maintenance of the piston ring seals. Your engine will run better, more efficiently, and you are assured you are doing everything necessary to prevent an inconvenient power outage from becoming a disaster.

All of your generator and critical systems maintenance and repair in one set of hands, one invoice, one payment.

We provide standard and customised service plans to fit your needs and budget that include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • One time inspection and servicing
  • Generator set servicing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Emergency replacement equipment
  • Emergency and critical service response available
  • Stand-by system support for your annual shut-down exercises
  • Full load functional testing with resistive load banks (to 1000KW) with our own equipment.

Our factory trained service technicians keep your critical systems in operation. Rental generators from 20KVA to 1000KVA on as little as 4 hours notice.

We can provide stand-by system support for your annual Load Bank testing, inspection and shut-down exercises as well as electrical systems maintenance and service by certified professionals. We are also able to provide Professional Engineer endorsement for our testing services.


Avoiding Expensive Emergencies

Managing the maintenance of your critical infrastructure means knowing how to keep it from breaking down. Regular and critical scheduled maintenance of major components like the engine and alternator will keep the lights on and prevent a problem from becoming an expensive emergency.

Overhauls and rebuilds are much less costly than purchasing new equipment, and by scheduling these services in advance, and propositioning replacement equipment during major work, your installation remains fully ready to prevent a power outage from becoming an emergency.

Our managers and technicians are fully aware of the importance of your equipment and are prepared with training, experience and equipment to assure your stand-by generators are always ready and available.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of service Parts and are therefore able to service generators of nearly any make, model or age.

Engine manufacturers all recommend running your engine at a partial load on a regular basis to prevent carbon fouling (build-up of carbon on cylinder heads, pistons and valves) and wet stacking (unburnt diesel fuel accumulation in the cylinder) which rob power from your generator and reduce the lifespan of the engine. Running the engine at idle and without a load are the causes of these maintenance faults.

We can also provide stand-by power system support for your annual building load test, inspection and shut-down exercises, as well as electrical systems maintenance. Rental generators from 20KVA to 1000KVA can be supplied on as little as 4 hours’ notice to cover any eventuality.


Turner EPS is a Turner Group Company. Turner Group started in 1912 in Glasgow in the Automotive industry and since then has acquired over 20 companies in the UK.

Turner EPS is made up of two distinct business units: Turner Engine Powered Services and Turner Explosion Protection Systems (Flametec).

Turner Engine Powered Services provide a “One-Stop-Shop” service for all your emergency/standby generator or prime power needs. We operate nationwide providing a comprehensive range of power generation related services.

Turner Group of Companies

Flametec is a brand of Turner EPS, which is within the Turner Group of companies. The Group is engaged in the supply of engineering services, comprehensive support services and assets sales/rental.

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